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This is my DIY Self-Care, alternative health, and healing blog page. It is supplemented with other DIY health and healing blog pages.

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#1 DIY Healing Protocol

If you are experiencing any health problems, this book is what you need, especially if you are experiencing a severe health issue. Inside the one-minute cure, you will find my number one healing protocol. The protocol oxygenates your body using 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide. It is a simple one-minute task that can restore your health. Click on the image to the left and get a book copy. It explains why this works and how to safely use 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide to heal your body.

The process starts with three drops of 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide in 6-8 ounces of distilled water, which you drink three times a day. The next day, you add four drops to 6-8 ounces of distilled water thrice daily. The next day, add five, then six, and so on until you have twenty-three drops three times a day. Then, you work backward until you reach the maintenance dose of three drops thrice daily.

Madison Cavanaugh's book is your comprehensive guide to this protocol. You must read all the instructions before using 35% hydrogen peroxide. This is not a step to be skipped, as improper use can be dangerous. Your health and safety is a top priority, so please, follow the instructions carefully. This healing protocol is inexpensive, safe, easy to use, and effective in healing the human body without side effects.

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What Would Ed Do?

What would self-care expert, Ed Palmer, do if he had (name your) health issue? After you've done your own research into alternative healing strategies for your health issue, if you come up empty handed, ask me what I would do. See the basic self-care criteria and how to do health research in the "Healing Self-Care Primer" ebook before asking for my perspective.

Click the image on the left to see Ed's replies when asked what he would do. Alternatively, Ed will post solutions that have worked on his own body to overcome health issues he has encountered on this second blog page. You can also use the menu to select this second blog page.

Remember that I do not offer medical advice. Anyone in need of medical assistance should seek the appropriate expertise within the medical industry. What I offer is my own alternative healing perspective on what I would do if I were is your shoes. I do this for educational purposes only and I assume you've already done your own basic research into the health issue you are concerned with and now want to know what I would do if I were in your shoes.

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Healing Self-Care Primer

"Healing Self Care Primer" challenges conventional healthcare, empowers individuals to take control of their well-being, and introduces alternative healing and nutraceutical approaches. Author Edward G. Palmer dismantles the myth that traditional medicine is the only path to healing, highlighting the drawbacks of standardized allopathic medicine.

The book provides a DIY healthcare program to tap into the body's healing capacity, reduce medical costs, and promote overall health. It encourages readers to reclaim their health, freedom, and life through self-care principles and an alternative perspective on healthcare. Are you ready to embrace healing self-care's power?

This eBook is available free for anyone who signs up for Ed Palmer's Newsletter. There are also four different versions available at the book's website. There you will find $.99 ePub and Kindle editions, a $2.95 PDF edition, and a $7.95 print edition. Click the book image to visit the "Healing Self-Care Primer" website.

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The ONLY Answer To Cancer

Dr. Leonard Coldwell's book "The ONLY Answer To Cancer" has the subtitle "Defeating The Cause Of All Disease." I have read and studied this book in depth. I have also cited several bits of information in my 2024 book "God And Cancer: A DIY Healing Perspective."

Coldwell's book represents decades of experience from a European medical doctor who specialized in successfully treating uncurable cancer patients. Coldwell states he has treated over 35,000 cancer patients with a 92.3% cure rate. He believes "there are no incurable diseases, only incurable patients."

To successfully heal your body, you must eliminate stress and avoid being cut, burned, or poisoned by standard medical practices for cancer treatment. Those who have received standard-of-care therapies for cancer from medical doctors are the only uncured cancer patients he has experienced. That is because those treatments damage their body's healthy cells beyond repair. He also believes and makes a good case that 86-95% of all diseases are caused by stress.

Coldwell's number one cancer-cure methodology is to oxygenate the body. See #1 DIY Healing Protocol blog. If you have cancer, I would recommend this book so you can understand the breadth of what you are up against with standard medical treatment protocols.

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How Belief Heals

Author Bruce H. Lipton in his excellent 2015 book, "The Biology Of Belief," explains what peace means to our human body from a biological perspective. When you spend this earthly journey living in peace, it facilitates healing in your physical body. In contrast, if you live in fear, it will promote disease and sickness. From a biological perspective, it means you need to live this life in the parasympathetic nervous system as much as possible, instead of the sympathetic nervous system. The latter being the fight or flight mode, which is based on fear.

[1] Parasympathetic nervous system is the subdivision of the autonomic nervous system concerned with activities that, in general, inhibit or oppose the physiological effects of the sympathetic nervous system.

[2] The sympathetic nervous system is the "fight or flight" part of the body that can speed up the heart and contract the blood vessels. It also regulates the function of glands, particularly the sweat glands. The sympathetic nervous system is activated under conditions of stress and fear. *Text from God And Healing book.*

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The Doctor's Death Diagnosis

Several of my family and friends have received a doctor's death diagnosis. Recently, I was motivated to write this book by a friend who was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. It is a severe disease in which a person slowly loses control over muscle functions. Eventually, the person cannot even swallow.

Information is tightly controlled in allopathic medicine by Big Pharma, the AMA, and related associations in the industry. What this means is there is more to health and healing that needs to be understood. Doctors cannot tell you anything that is not a part of standard medical practices.

In "The Doctor's Death Diagnosis" book, I will discuss 50 years of alternative health studies and how you can save a lot of money through self-care. In the process, you will learn how to avoid expensive surgeries and the side effects of prescription drugs. This book was published in September 2022. It is available in low-cost eBooks ($2.99), PDF and print editions. It includes a list of "100 Healing Secrets and Tips. It is a companion book to the already released spiritual guide to healing "God And Healing" book. Together, they will teach you an alternative way to think about health and healing.

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Medical Censorship

In 2020, America has now found itself in massive censorship and a canceled culture regarding political matters. What is not so obvious is the censorship and control of information that affects your health and healing. If you only search Google, you will not find much information on health other than allopathic medicine. Is a cure for cancer out there? Would you be surprised if I told you there were over 400 approaches to healing cancer? Would you be surprised if I told you large doses of Vitamin C intravenously had been proven to cure cancer? Yet you will find such alternative healing information hard to locate. Google censors such data, as do social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You'll need to use a different search engine like to find alternative health information. Doctors even have trouble keeping up with new developments in allopathic medicine. In this regard, you'll find that is a valuable source for researching health information. Sayer Ji, its founder, runs the site. He is also the author of the book "Regenerate: Unlocking Your Body's Radical Resilience Through The New Biology." It is complementary to the "Biology of Belief" by Bruce H. Lipton shown above.

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Spiritual Healing Guide

God And Healing is the definitive spiritual guide to healing. The book discusses what God's Word (the Holy Bible) actually says about the issue of divine healing. It takes the guess work out of what Bible beliefs about healing are accurate. Will God always heal someone as a result of their prayers, or the prayers of others? The answer to this spiritual health question and many more are discussed with Bible references to check out. It is a companion health and healing book to "The Doctor's Death Diagnosis". All four of the above health books will help you deal with serious health issues, especially if you are facing a doctor's terminal diagnosis and your body needs healing.

You can now find my author information on Goodreads and Pinterest. On Goodreads, you can ask me questions about the books I've written. You can also use the contact form on this website. Search Amazon for other books or visit the publisher's web site for other writings that haven't been published as books.

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Metaphysical Healing

It was Mark 9:23 that changed my life forever in May of 1978. "If you can believe, all things are possible." This and other similar Bible verses challenge our human ability to believe. They also imply that even healing is possible if we only believe in it. I have been studying authors, Neville Goddard and Bruce Lipton. Neville is a spiritual guide, and Bruce is a biologist. Both explain that the metaphysical (our mind and thoughts) can be invoked for our body's physical healing. You'll find many videos from both authors on YouTube.

If you have a severe health issue, watch these videos until it sinks in that our bodies are energy vessels controlled by our mind's thoughts. That is the principle involved here. It comes down to our internal self-talk and what we focus mentally on. Metaphysical healing can occur despite a doctor asserting you are terminal. I have witnessed such healing several times, and I have experienced it. Mentally focus on the thought, "I am healed throughout my body." Keep it in your conscious mind until it becomes part of your subconscious mind. Make it mentally real to yourself. Don't look at your current physical condition. Instead, focus on the healing you want and "feel what it will be like as if you were already completely healed."

In this regard, Neville Goddard has a YouTube video titled "Feeling Is The Answer." It is also available as an eBook or small print book on Amazon. I gave a book report on Bruce Lipton's book "The Biology Of Belief" in my new book. Lipton explains how our thoughts control the biology in our bodies. This isn't the power of positive thinking. This is the power of controlling our self-talk and holding an image of our desired healing in our minds until our recovery becomes a physical reality.

Get a copy of "The Doctor's Death Diagnosis" to understand more about this metaphysical (spiritual) aspect of healing. After a stroke in June 2022 that caused double vision, I repeated the mental thought every day and night, "I am healed throughout my body." I went to sleep, focused on this thought, and made it a part of my life. It took ten weeks until I was able to see single images again. My eyes are back to normal, and I am again driving a car. I believe God has built this ability to heal ourselves into our body's chemistry "if we can only believe." Our thoughts can change our body's chemistry and direct our cells to heal and repair themselves. If you need healing, give this metaphysical process a try. You might get surprised.

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Genes Vs. Epigenetics

Most adults over 50, alive today, have been programmed to believe that our genes are to blame for any terminal or terrible affliction we face. Doctors have said: "Sorry, it's in your genes or family heritage." However, this might no longer be a valid scientific statement. The new science of epigenetics (above and more than genes) has shown that our environment and our body's terrain can turn genes on and off as needed for our health. Epigenetics is now considered to be responsible for over 90% of the health of our bodies. Genes beyond our control may actually only be 10%. If a doctor tells you it's in your genes and beyond your control, ask them if they've heard of EPIGENETICS. Something to consider if you are suffering from an illness is the reality — you might actually change the outcome by changing your body's environment or nutritional inputs.

I was stuck in a bad air environment in the early 1980s. I was on the front end of what is now known as the "sick building syndrome." My work ran out of office space, so they stuck my engineering department in new double-wide trailers in the parking lot. The trailer's air was polluted with formaldehyde outgassing from cheap materials used in the walls and floors. To make things worse, they failed to dilute the outgassing volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) by bringing fresh air into the trailers. It didn't take long for the recycled air and outgassing VOCs to affect everyone in the trailers. I would go in feeling fine, and about 30 minutes later, it felt like needles in my eyes, and I started having other head and breathing issues. As I looked around at other employees, I saw everyone was affected. I went to the doctor, who told me I needed to get out of the trailer and that my homeostasis had taken a notch down and would be that way for the rest of my life. Left in such an environment, I would eventually pass out and could experience a life-threatening event. The doctor's letter gave me an office inside the plant. To this day, I have to avoid chemical areas that can outgas volatile organic compounds (VOCs). I stay away from grocery store laundry aisles, shoe stores, and tire stores. So, without knowing about epigenetics, I changed my environment to improve my health. It is the primary reason I've chosen to work for myself for the last 40 years. Did you also suffer from VOCs outgassing from building materials?

“Of the 84,000 chemicals currently on the market, the EPA has banned or restricted only a handful since 1976. This would be comical if it wasn’t putting millions of lives at risk.”

Find out how to do a chemical detox on your environment if you are experiencing health issues. It's as simple as understanding epigenetics and our environment's impact on health and healing.

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Metaphysical Healing 2

This blog post coming soon.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is the sole opinion of the author based on his research, knowledge, and understanding. It is not intended to provide medical advice and is solely for educational purposes. Anyone in need of medical assistance should seek the appropriate expertise within the medical industry.

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