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How Belief Heals

Author Bruce H. Lipton in his excellent 2015 book, "The Biology Of Belief," explains what peace means to our human body from a biological perspective. When you spend this earthly journey living in peace, it facilitates healing in your physical body. In contrast, if you live in fear, it will promote disease and sickness. From a biological perspective, it means you need to live this life in the parasympathetic nervous system as much as possible, instead of the sympathetic nervous system. The latter being the fight or flight mode, which is based on fear.

[1] Parasympathetic nervous system is the subdivision of the autonomic nervous system concerned with activities that, in general, inhibit or oppose the physiological effects of the sympathetic nervous system.

[2] The sympathetic nervous system is the "fight or flight" part of the body that can speed up the heart and contract the blood vessels. It also regulates the function of glands, particularly the sweat glands. The sympathetic nervous system is activated under conditions of stress and fear. *Text from God And Healing book.*

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The Death Diagnosis

Several of my family and friends have received a doctor's death diagnosis. Recently, I was motivated to write this book by a friend who was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. It is a severe disease in which a person slowly loses control over muscle functions. Eventually, the person cannot even swallow. Having spent 50-years studying alternative health and self-care strategies, I can tell you that your doctor is restricted from telling you the entire truth. Information is tightly controlled in allopathic medicine by Big Pharma and the AMA and other associations in the industry such as the Alzheimer's Association. What this means is there is more to health and healing that needs to be understood. Doctors cannot tell you anything that is not a part of standard medical practices. The covid-19 censorship of low-cost drugs like hydrochloriquine is a recent example. You can add vitamin-C therapy and a host of other censored alternative approaches to health. In "The Doctor's Death Diagnosis" book, I will discuss alternative health options and how you can save a lot of money through self-care. In the process, you will avoid expensive surgeries and the side effects of prescription drugs. This book is scheduled for release in Dec 2021 and is a companion book to the already released "God And Healing" book. Together, they will teach you another way to think about your health and healing.

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Medical Censorship

In 2020, America has now found itself in massive censorship and a canceled culture regarding political matters. What is not so obvious is the censorship and control of information that affects your health and healing. If you only search Google, you will not find much information on health other than allopathic medicine. Is a cure for cancer out there? Would you be surprised if I told you there were over 400 approaches to healing cancer? Would you be surprised if I told you large doses of Vitamin C intravenously had been proven to cure cancer? Yet you will find such alternative healing information hard to locate. Google censors such data, as do social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You'll need to use a different search engine like to find alternative health information. Doctors even have trouble keeping up with new developments in allopathic medicine. In this regard, you'll find that is a valuable source for researching health information. Sayer Ji, its founder, runs the site. He is also the author of the book "Regenerate: Unlocking Your Body's Radical Resilience Through The New Biology." It is complementary to the "Biology of Belief" by Bruce H. Lipton shown above. Both books are also complimentary to my latest release "God And Healing" and the scheduled 2021 release of "The Doctor's Death Diagnosis".

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